"Greetings From" Oversized Beach Hat

Lowest Price
Lowest Price
"Greetings From" Oversized Beach Hat
"Greetings From" Oversized Beach Hat
"Greetings From" Oversized Beach Hat
"Greetings From" Oversized Beach Hat
"Greetings From" Oversized Beach Hat
"Greetings From" Oversized Beach Hat
"Greetings From" Oversized Beach Hat

"Greetings From" Oversized Beach Hat

Lowest Price
Lowest Price
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The in-demand beach hat of the season. Oversized Beach hat to protect your skin. "Greetings From" print to add extra suave!

  • Handmade Straw Beach Hat (Women)
  • “Greetings From” Message on Top
  • Cute, Black Hat Band
  • Premium Straw Craftsmanship
  • Floppy, Oversized Design

“Greetings From” Travel, Vacation, and Photo Shoot Wear Added to Your neoprene handbags like this one.

 Whether you’re basking under the summer sun at the beach, lounging by the pool, or kicking back with friends at the lake, a great hat can keep you cool and comfortable even when the sun is high in the sky.

 It can also be the perfect addition to a great selfie photo shoot!

This super cute NicheforBeach beach hat for women is handmade and features a “Greetings From” message on the top to let you show off your own personal style while also sharing where you’re spending the day.

 Large, comfortable, and perfect for keeping the sun off of your face, neck, and shoulders, these high-quality straw hats are ideal for travelers who are on vacation or just spending some time in the great outdoors.

 Original Style

Handmade by artisans, these straw hats each feature a stylish look, beautiful feel, and comfortable design as well as a black hat band to help them maintain form and function for long-term quality use.

 Protect Your Skin

The larger oversized design and flexible brim provide better protection for your face, shoulders, and chest, especially when you’re lounging outside under the summer sun. This is important to help prevent early aging! Our Beach Kimono will protect your skin this summer and it's sexy!

 Limitless Travel Fun

These beach hat can be worn just for fun selfies or for helping to block out the sun. In fact, the oversized design pairs great with shawls, bathing suits, or even regular daily wear to help you get the perfect look.

Few are aware that beachwear for women also have trends that change from year to year, which means, if you want yourself to be considered as a fashionista, subscribe to our mailing list and keep yourself up-to-date. There is much more happening in nicheforbeach than just colorful beach towels, eco-friendly bags, sandals, hats, and lunch boxes. 

Get one of these fun and versatile straw hats today and make your next vacation one to remember for comfort, style, and great selfies!

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Great Store

Love the store. Very customer friendly. Going for a second round of shopping soon.

I love the hat!

I have it for a very long time and it works 100%. Extremely durable, well protects against the sun, looks pleasantly and comfortably. Love it.