Rope Sandals - Turquoise and Black&White

New Collection
New Collection
Rope Sandals - Turquoise and Black&White
Rope Sandals - Turquoise and Black&White
Rope Sandals - Turquoise and Black&White
Rope Sandals - Turquoise and Black&White
Rope Sandals - Turquoise and Black&White

Rope Sandals - Turquoise and Black&White

New Collection
New Collection
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Let’s face it, heels are amazing but you all need a break sometimes.

At these times, sandals are the option and boy, is there quite a variety to choose from.

The best part about sandals is you can wear them anywhere: church, beach, garden party and you’d still slay no less.

Rope sandals are a bold statement item that not only serve their basic purpose but also act as an accessory that elevate your ensemble to a level of its own.

Hand woven, it is a great piece that you can don to identify yourself with its heritage. These rope sandals are long lasting too and they never run out of fashion.

Turquoise and black&white rope sandals

First of all, ain’t those colors just awesome? Our turquoise with black & white rope sandals are an amazing option when it comes to rope sandals.

You’re guaranteed of comfort and style all in one beautiful package. One you can wear repeatedly to all your favorite functions when you’re after a casual, laid back look.


  • Handmade: Each pair is craftily hand woven by skilled people to produce a masterpiece. No two pairs are exactly the same as identical as they look. Just like you, every piece is unique.
  • Beautiful color: I mean, turquoise and black&white complement each other so good. And you can easily mix and match them with different colored outfits and they’ll fit like the last part of a jigsaw.
  • Comfortable: They’re made of flat, high quality, vegan friendly rubber soles and straps of stretch-to-fit soft nylon. There’s no way your feet can’t be happy in them. Plus you won’t have a single blister when the day’s done.
  • Water resistant: Aren’t they the perfect summer flats? Even water can’t hold them down. So if you were thinking twice about wearing such to the beach this summer, it is settled. Go have all the fun you can in them, they won’t spoil an inch. Thank

Why they are a great pick

  • Stylish: Rope sandals are indeed a fashion forward piece. As earlier stated, they are a bold statement piece that stands out on its own in a unique way.
  • Versatile: There’s practically no item you can’t rock this pair in. From long maxis to short sundresses to bikinis. And you can go with them anywhere too.
  • Affordable: As always, NicheForBeach cares about your budget. This is a masterpiece worth every dollar on its price tag.
  • Perfect fit: Sandals look amazing when they fit right. Well these guarantee that happens, you just have to pick your number. Especially for narrow to medium feet.

I bet you can already see yourself in these sandals huh? As a matter of fact, you’re also pairing them up with your outfits in your head. You’ll look ravishing in them, won’t you. Make it a reality. They are the perfect vacation shoes. Add them to the cart right now and let’s deliver them for you in the shortest time possible. Don’t let this summer pass you by, step out in style and slay.

Fit & Size

Size: Medium, Large & X Large.

Loose fit: No stress that it might not fit or be too snug if you’re a medium, large or X large.

Washing: Hand wash in cold water and due to the monitor settings and monitor pixel definitions, there will be a little difference between the actual color and the picture colors

Fit & Size

Fit: Length: 78cm/30.6in ; Chest: 40cm/15.7in

Free Size: Comfortably fits sizes Small, Medium & Large

Washing: Machine wash Or hand wash in cold water





NicheForBeach Fruit-Top Sandals from NicheForBeach on Vimeo.

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WE pay for shipping on all orders in the U.S.

RETURNS are free on all orders.

IF you aren't completely satisfied with your product, return the product within 60 days of purchasing for a full refund, even if you have used the product!


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