Top 5 Beach Hats For Women

Posted by Saleem Jadallah on

One of the most essential summer accessory has always been the hat. I mean, is any outfit ever complete without a hat? During this hot weather? I bet not. We’ve seen it upgrade from a mere protective wear on sunny days to a bold fashion forward statement piece, coming in any imaginable shape, size and material.

From the beach to a vacation down in Africa or Bahamas to a simple ice cream day out with your favorite human, hats are limitless and versatile. Everybody needs to have one or a couple, they come in handy.

We’ve come up with the top 5 hats that people have been crazy about this summer. If you still don’t know what to settle for, yours truly got you covered. Let’s have a look at the hottest beach hats you can choose from this summer.

Oversized beach hats

Hats can’t get any bolder. People are really digging the big hat energy this summer. Oversized floppy hats complete your look with a touch of sophistication and a little bit of mystery. Pair it with your favorite swimsuit, a cover dress and some sandals and you’re good to go hit some waves.

Talking of functionality, this hat can literally cover your whole upper body from those sun rays. (no pun intended). You can go for the sloppy ones too, or if you have no problem going any bolder get one with extra detail or a feisty colour for more pop.


Gone are the days visors were worn by female tennis players. Or just considered too sporty.They have been re-invented and are back with a bang. Even current music videos are proof of it, you won’t go for long without spotting one in there or the next. They bring out a playful sassy look and another great pick when it comes to beach hats.

A stylish hat that still allows you to show off your beautiful hair in a ponytail or high bun is unbeatable. Plus, you can’t run out of options, from retro to the latest sunglasses hybrid (which is an absolute hot cake currently)to foldable wide brim straw ones. There’s a type for every personality. As if it can’t get any better they are versatile, from the beach to just a walk down town, you really can’t go wrong. And you’ll definitely be a trendsetter anywhere you go.


Fedora hats 

These have been another bunch of favorites among both men and women for ages. Thanks to our ever evolving fashion trends, the classic fedora has now been added flares and details that make it an absolute masterpiece.

Whether you prefer the trendier wide brimmed, short brimmed or the floppy and foldable one for vacations, they both flatter you no less. You can also choose from a wide variety of material: mesh, wool or straw. It can be the retro, vintage, panama or classic, whatever you fancy.

Try to switch it up by letting the basic belt buckle rest and go for one with a colorful band, add a scarf or just get an animal printed one and you’ll definitely nail the look.

Straw hats

For the longest time, to so many people, anytime beach hats are mentioned the first picture that comes to our mind is the straw hat. Having been there for the longest time and a personal favorite among many through the years, a great straw hat never disappoints. You can pair it with a flattering sundress, a pretty cut out jumpsuit, chiffon culottes with a crop top or just a swimsuit and you’re good to go and of course, slay. In addition, a straw hat is always breathable and offer a great fit. To add a little sass, consider a detailed straw hat, maybe with a printed colorful scarf, ribbon, trendy bands or embroidery.

 Personalized sun hats

These new type of hats are usually straw hats that come with a variety of personalization options that you can choose from and custom make according to your taste. It’s a great pick for a sentimental piece since you can pull off a mother-daughter or twinning vibe with a  matching personalized pair for you and your favorite girl as you head out to the beach or just at the pool.