Memories At The Beach

Posted by Saleem Jadallah on

It was always a joy for me whenever i prepared my kids for the beach.It was a hectic, messy chore before and after the beach but there was a sense of adventure behind it and the chaos coming with it made the whole experience even more exciting.

Every time we prepared to go to the beach, we asked the same questions: What should we take with? What creams, what swimsuits? That's where the chaos starts! The slippers don't fit anymore, the are towels that are old and don't absorb anymore, the new beach bag that everyone wants to carry, the hats, the glasses, the accessories etc...

It was a lot of stuff for a few hours event but it was always an unforgettable time. It used to fill my heart with joy my children happy and eager to go. Seeing them push each other to get ready fast as not to be late. The anticipation of trying out a new beach and their pride at trying out their new beach stuff and their impatience at wanting to share it with the other kids

I was always keen when choosing beach things and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wanted my kids to have the best quality of towels, the newest trendy glasses, the comfortable slippers for their tiny sensitive and feet. As for myself, I never settled fro anything less than a beautiful, colorful, water-resistant bag accompanies with my fancy beach straw hat.

It was a blast, especially when we were joined by family and friends who would often bring their own unique touch to the experience, be that delicious foods or new beach accessories. I Would my favorite round towel with all of us eating, giggling, telling stories and enjoying our time to the fullest.

At the end of it all, I like to talk to the sea while enjoying walking barefoot on the white clean sand with the sounds of waves hitting the rocks in the background. It was music to my ears and I would sit there for hours relaxing and breathing the lovely sea air.

Now that the kids are older and have their own kids, I look forward to the same with my grandchildren. I will be transferring  my love for the beach and everything that comes with that special experience