5 Accessories Beach-goers Can’t Live Without

Posted by Saleem Jadallah on


Whether you’re planning a solo trip or hitting the beach with friends and family, your oceanfront experience will be that much better with the right accessories.


Yes, you’ll want to pack water and bring enough sunscreen to last the day—but there’s so much more to having fun at the beach than these essentials. Vulpen Limited has compiled a list of five must-have accessories for your next excursion:


  1. Beach Bags & Handbags

Few vacationers claim their spot on the sand without their favorite beach bag. Selecting the right bag is key—ideally something stylish yet easy to carry. Straw bags are a timeless, attractive option.


You may also choose to bring a handbag that gives off vacation vibes right along with your beach bag. Made from natural materials, Vulpen offers a beige and multicolor bamboo tote that is bound to meet your needs. A smaller but equally seamless alternative is our naturally-woven, cross-body boho circle bag.


  1. Waterproof Phone Pouches

Most beachgoers want to soak up the ocean views and swim during their excursion. While some prefer to go tech-free, others may need to access their phones from time to time. Regardless, it’s important to store all electronics carefully.


Chances are you want to protect your device from water damage—and this is where waterproof phone pouches come in. The options are vast and cost-effective. Plus, the pouches function like airtight bags, which means you can stores other essentials like car keys and money right along with your phone.


  1. Beach Footwear

When you go to the beach, you may think of walking around barefoot. And while you’ll definitely want to spend some time feeling the sand beneath your toes, it’s crucial that you bring the right footwear. A chic pair of shoes will also protect your feet from the heat.


From flip flops to water shoes to sliders, or even sneakers if you’re looking to get your jog on, you’ve got options in the way of beach footwear. Focus on sustainability by picking up a pair of shoes made from natural materials like vegetable-died leather.


  1. Beach Towels

The ideal beach towel is soft, thick, and decorative. Round or rectangular, this must-have accessory comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Lie on your beach towel for a relaxing experience, or rely on the vibrant design to keep tabs on your outpost from a distance.


You want to be comfortable above all else, so choose a beach towel based on what matters most to you. For instance, when it comes to materials, cotton is soft when it’s dry but generally stays wet longer than microfiber.


  1. Beach Toys

Our fifth and final must-have accessory? Beach toys! From paddleball to the classic shovel-and-bucket combination, the right entertainment will allow you to have fun in the sand at any age. An added bonus is that many toy sets and beach balls are made from natural materials.


Ultimately, a selection of beach accessories will help you make memories for years to come.