10 Trendy Beach Accessories for Women

Posted by Saleem Jadallah on

How does the thought of going to the beach in style sound? It is an amazing experience that any beach lover would want to have. The best thing about being trendy and stylish at the beach is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. All you need to do is find the right accessories to take with you at the beach and you’ll be good to go. Some accessories will go for less than $10, but they’ll make you stand out and look cool as you enjoy your time at the beach.

At NicheForBeach, we are crazy about beach accessories for women. We have lots of accessories for women that love to go to the beach. But we also love sharing some quality information. If you are planning to go to the beach and you want to stay trendy and cool as ever, here are some accessories you should consider carrying.

  1. A Hat

Anyone that thinks of going to the beach without a hat is like a soldier going to the battlefield without a bulletproof vest. When you go without the hat, you are vulnerable, and Mr. Summer Sun will show you no mercy.

You have to have the proper hat that will keep your face well protected against the harsh sun. Ideally, go for a straw hat that will not keep your head hot as you wear it. A straw hat is breathable enough, and it also blocks the sun perfectly.

Even in ancient times, the straw hats were used to cool off. These hats will still keep you cool as they block the sun rays from damaging your face. As a woman, nothing beats stylishness than having an oversized floppy hat. With such a hat, you can enjoy the most sun protection, which covers your face fully from the UV rays. But you can still go for a non-floppy hat, as long as it still offers the needed protection to your face.

There are also other types like the Panama hats and the fedoras, which still keep you cool while protecting you from the sun. But if you plan to play some volleyball at the beach or run around, go for a hat that will stay on your head while offering the needed sun protection.

  1. Beach Bags

Another type of women beach accessories is a beach bag. The beach bag will serve many purposes. However, the most obvious reason would be to carry items when going to the beach. With the beach bag, you can comfortably carry whatever you want without ruining your style.

Since you want to look stylish and cool at the beach, ensure that you choose a beach bag that looks classy enough. It should be big enough to carry all the items you will be taking to the beach and even have extra pockets for storing the valuables.

If you are going for a flashy beach neoprene handbag, ensure that it also matches your bikini so that you don’t kill the look. The dull colors might not stand out as such. However, a beach bag with dull-colored clothes would still look cool as you enjoy time at the beach.

For a good beach bag, ensure that you go for one with multiple pockets. This way, you can keep various accessories at once while sorting them. Some bags come with small inner pockets and even key hooks for keeping your keys and storing your small valuables.

Don’t forget to go for one with a strong material that is both sand and waterproof.

  1. Sunglasses

Who would want to go out in the sunny summer afternoon without a good pair of sunglasses? Not everyone would be comfortable without some eyes protection. Now, the worst thing you’d want to do is go to the beach without any protection for your eyes. The sand and the water will reflect the sunrays, which can cause some serious damage to your eyes. That is why you need some protection as you go to the beach.

A good pair of sunglasses will let you enjoy the seashore view the beach without worrying about your eyes. Since summer is just around the corner, it’d be great to get yourself some pair of colorful sunglasses. You can go for the bright colors and patterns that will leave you looking stylish enough.

If you want, you can go for the classic sunglasses or oversized sunglasses. Regardless of the brand, you intend to choose, just make sure that you find yourself the perfect set of eye protection while at the beach. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to match your sunglasses with the color of your bikini or beach bag.

  1. Beach Shoes/Flip-Flops/Sandals

You won’t be rocking your stilettos at the beach, would you? Certainly not. Instead, you will need to wear the right shoes for the beach. You need a pair of that will not sink in the sand or soak up water at the beach.

When choosing the right shoes for beaching, it is all about considering what you will be doing at the beach. Will you be basking in the sun, walking on the shore, or playing beach ball? If you will be moving around or you’ll be excessively active at the beach, you will want to go for a pair of shoes that will stick to your feet tightly. Flip flops won’t be the best choice if you will be playing or be active at the beach.

But if you plan just to lay back and enjoy the sun at the beach, wearing some sandals or flip-flops or Straw Sandals wouldn’t be a bad idea. This also lets you jump in the water anytime and put them back with ease. For the flip-flops, you can go for the sustainable bamboo that has vegetable-tanned leather. These flip-flops won’t soak up water, and they also tend to be sand resistant. Sand will not accumulate in the flip-flops as you walk on the shore.

Whether you will go for a colorful pair of shoes or plain design, make sure that you pick the right shoes for the beach.

  1. Cover-ups

As the name suggests, these are just attire to cover your bikini when you don’t want to show some flesh. For instance, you can get a maxi dress that you can easily wear on top of your bikini when you want to rush to town or when you plan to go back to the beach later in the day. The cover-ups should be easy to wear and take off so that you don’t have a difficult time. Plus, you can go for a dress that is colorful enough to let you maintain your stylishness.

If you are going for a crochet cover-up, ensure that you wear enough sunscreen and that you don’t wear it for a long time. You can also opt for a sundress as a cover-up option. I recommend the beach Kimono!

Generally, cover-ups are not exactly needed at the beach, but they help you get ready to rush to the city or the shop and back without the need for changing.

  1. A Lunch Box

Well, you will be spending some time at the beach, right? How do you plan to handle your meals? Will you buy food at the restaurant near the beach? Maybe not, because that would be costly – especially if you will be going to the beach every day.

Now, the best way to enjoy a day at the beach, be sure of having something to eat without spending a lot is to have a lunch box. With the lunch box, you can easily carry food from home and have your meals at the beach. The best part is that a good beach bag will have pockets that allow you to keep different beach accessories, including a lunch box.

When choosing a lunch box, go for one that can keep your food cold and fresh in the hot weather. If you want to eat something warm, you’ll have to go for one that can keep the food warm. A good lunch box will come with reusable cutleries to give you an easy time. Ideally, choose a lunch box with plastic cutleries. These cutleries are easy to keep and clean. You can wipe them with some napkins and store them in the bag to avoid them leaving the smell inside. Just make sure that you clean them properly when you reach home.

The lunch box that you choose can also be colorful or as you wish. Remember to pick a size that meets your needs appropriately.

  1. Waterproof Speaker

Well, this is not a must-have beach accessory for women, but it is one that can make you look cool at the beach. If you are with your friends at the beach, you may not even need this accessory. This is a perfect choice if you will be alone at the beach and you are just there to relax. The waterproof speaker will keep you entertained as you relax at the beach.

Make sure that it is waterproof enough to avoid any inconveniences. The volume level of the speaker should be loud enough so that you can listen to your music even when there is some noise at the beach. Other than being waterproof, the speaker should also be sand proof. It should be designed in a way that it can prevent the sand particles from getting inside it. Above all, it should be easy to control. If you want, you can choose a speaker that has some shades of bright colors.

Ideally, go for a speaker that has Bluetooth connectivity to let you play your favorite jams from your phone with ease.

  1. Portable Beach Table

Where do you plan to keep your lunchbox, phone, waterproof speaker, or other items while at the beach? On the sand? Not the best idea. Instead, you should go for a portable beach table that will let you set the small items as you have a good time at the beach. The portable wooden table would make you look stylish enough. It will prove that you were 100% prepared for the beach.

When going for a beach table, ensure that it is easily foldable for easy storage. Furthermore, go for one with features like a cup holder or a bottle opener. The beach table can also hold your laptop if you need to carry it.

  1. Colorful Towel

Okay, this might sound like an obvious thing to carry to the beach, but it is important to have it in your top beach accessories. But you won’t be getting just your regular towel. Rather, you must go for a towel that is as colorful as possible. Plus, the towel should have some stunning patterns to make it stand out of other towels out there. You must ensure that the towel is not plain if you truly want to look stylish. Regardless of the pattern or color theme you choose, ensure that you find the right towel for going to the beach.

  1. Beach Mat

If you want to bask in the sun and you don’t prefer going to the beach table, you can get a beach mat to solve all that. The beach mat that you choose must be sand proof and also waterproof. It should be made of high-quality material to enhance its durability. Plus, ensure that you go for one that is colorful enough. It should be large enough to let you place your sleep comfortably and even place your bag without having any problem. A waterproof mat will allow you to place it anywhere at the beach even on the wet sand. It will prevent water from soaking up and getting to your towel.

The mat should also not absorb sand because that would mean that you will carry sand particles to your car.

You can even go with some bracelet or chain if you want to show off some shiny accessories on you. All in all, carry whatever that will make your time at the beach incredible.

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